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Deutsche Post DHL Streetscooter delivery van. Germany's post service also uses electric bicycles.

StreetScooter: One of Germany's Most Popular Electric Vehicles

Initially developed as an electric car, Germany's Deutsche Post, repurposed the Streetscooter into an all-purpose mail and parcel delivery van.

DHL may employ fewer personnel than either FedEx or UPS, but they also generate more revenue than either. A unit of Germany's national postal service - Deutsche Post - they have the financial wherewithal to not only experiment and imp...

Pipistrel Alpha Electro flight trainer will be built at new production facility near Nanjing, China

Pipistrel Goes to Asia

Slovenian aircraft company Pipistrel signs accord to build two of its aircraft outside Nanjing, China with sales destined for some eleven countries in the region, including China.

China isn't just the world's largest car market, it's a pretty good bet it could also be the world's largest airplane market, especially light airplanes. So, it makes sense that Ivo Boscarol, the founder and head of Pipistrel (Slovenian for "Bat") would partner up with Chinese entrepreneur and Danny Wu Hao to produce aircraft for the Chinese a...

Boeing Echo Voyager unmanned underwater vessel.

UEVs: The Submerged World of Underwater Electric Vehicles

They are one of the oldest forms of hybrid electric vehicles, and like their surface counterparts, the human is about to be relegated to the role of an observer or target.

It was 90 years ago that the US Navy proposed powering its new S-Class submarines using a system similar to what powers today's hybrid cars - the Prius and the Volt, for example - an internal combustion engine connected via a special transmission to a generator/motor combination. On the surface, diesel engines would turn the prop shaft and/o...

Volkswagen MOIA ride share electric shuttle prototype

Volkswagen Explores World of Shared Shuttles

VW isn't just counting on rolling out 80 all-electric models by 2025 to deal with the emerging electric vehicle revolution. It's also preparing for a shift away from car ownership through it MOIA startup.

It seats six and has a range of 300 km (186mi. per charge), which can be restored to 80 percent state of charge in just 30 minutes. It's Volkswagen's new all-electric shuttle, the wheels of its year-old ride-sharing shuttle service that includes a custom ride hailing App to schedule pickups and pay for travel.

First announced in...

a d v e r t i s e r
a d v e r t i s e r

2018: The Year Electric Cars Come of Age

The Economist Deputy Editor explains why for the first time EV will compete in price and performance with petrol and diesel cars.

2017-2018 FIA Formula E Race Series: BERLIN

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GM part of the lost BIG 3

By Jim Stack

In the USA we used to have the BIG 3. It was GM,FORD and Chrysler. They have all cut back and are getting smaller.


GM just announced they are closing factories and cutting 25% of their work force. They will stop making most cars and concentrate on Trucks and SUV and CUV vehicles. So what happened to the so called BIG 3? That was GM, FORD and Chrysler.

1st to go was Chrysler. They were bought by Fiat. They cut their work force and make ...

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A lousy lithium industrialization project in Bolivia

By Juan Carlos Zuleta

A reply to a newspaper columnist in Bolivia on the lithium industrialization project carried out by the government. It also describes the weaknesses of the mixed company the government is planning to consolidate with a German firm that has neither the technical nor the financial capacity to undertake the challenge of lithium industrialization in one of the countries holding the most lithium resources on earth.

In a recent article, published in El Diario under the title "The race for lithium in the world," it is stated that "the country opted for the German company ACI Systems to install four lithium plants in Salar de Uyuni, with an investment of 1.328 billion dollars, which will be contributed by the two partners of the project in proportion of their pa...

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